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We spoke with Mariam Daoud, from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's marketing team, to discuss their support and involvement with SmartMTX. As Bronze Sponsors of the SmartMTX, Hexagon is a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division empowers makers to innovate and create without limit. Mariam explains, “Our solutions provide makers with new ways of innovating and optimising products and production from design through to service life. This empowers makers to create better things in better ways. Through optimisation we can realign our human needs with the needs of nature to unlock a better future”

Q: What’s your main reason for exhibiting at SmartMTX?

A: Our Hexagon team would like to connect with the General Manufacturing community in Western Canada to share our Smart Manufacturing solutions. Hexagon provides makers new ways of innovating and optimising products and production from design through to service life; empowering makers to create better products in new innovative ways.

Q: Who do you want to connect with at the show and why? 

A: The Hexagon team would like to connect with all General Manufacturers as well as Educational Institutions in Western Canada, to ensure they are aware of the vast array of solutions we have to offer the manufacturing market – from design, to test, to production.

Q: What solution(s) are you exhibiting and who are they designed for?

A: Bringing together the physical and digital worlds through hardware and software, we give makers the freedom to ideate, explore, get it right first time, and to scale production. Hexagon’s solutions support entire product and production lifecycles, freeing creators to make better products in new innovative ways, for people and planet. Hexagon Specialists and Application Engineers will be showcasing state of the art metrology technologies used widely in all industries. These technologies provide the necessary end-to-end digital data to get it right first time, are easy to use, and designed for all General Manufacturers including Agricultural, Aerospace, Electronics and Automotive.

Q: Do you offer any special training for your solutions? 

A:  All our solutions include training with application Engineers either at the customer’s site or at a Hexagon facility - including our facility in British Columbia.

Q: What customer pain points are you solving and why?

A: Hexagon helps customer solve problems at all stages of manufacturing including design and engineering, production, quality control and statistical analysis. One of those pain points we see is how to bring the measurement solution to the part, without the need to remove the part while its inside a machine. We can help with that. Another pain point is how to find the right solution for the application need. Hexagon believes not every application requires a hammer; therefore, we offer a toolbox of metrology to help find that right solution.

Q: What is the advantage of your solution over the competition?

A: Hexagon can present a clear journey that is accessible to customers of all sizes. We have solutions that differentiate us from our competition – including our unique spectrum of hardware and software, our focus on the data enabling innovation within the manufacturing lifecycle and the need for digital transformation.

Q: Can existing systems integrate with your solution? 

A:  Depending on the application and existing systems, our solutions are usually adaptable/customized to meet customer existing needs and wants.

For more information, visit https://go.mi.hexagon.com/l/980223/2023-02-20/35pgvk. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Posted: February 22, 2023

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