Why Attend

SmartMTX is Western Canada's Premier Showcase to:

  • Identify local resources to support your business's growth,
  • Learn about Smart Manufacturing technologies, and
  • Assess how they apply to your operations, and what value they may provide.

To compete in a crowded global market, Canadian manufacturers need to innovate. Smart Technology can:

  • Improve your product quality;
  • Reduce your operating expenses; and
  • Improve your supply chain efficiency.

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  • Attend Tech Talks and listen in on expert discussion panels to learn how Smart Manufacturing solutions are changing manufacturing and how adopting these solutions will create advantages for your business.
  • Connect with Smart Manufacturing technology, software, and service providers to identify the right solution for your business to increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance quality, and better serve your customers.
  • Connect with government agencies, research institutes, and industry association vested in the growth and advancement of manufacturing in Western Canada to identify supports and services to help your business innovate and grow.
What is Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 “refers to the fourth industrial revolution, which connects machines, people, and physical assets into an integrated digital ecosystem that seamlessly generates, analyzes and communicates data, and sometimes takes action based on that data without the need for human intervention.” – PwC Insights

In practical terms, Industry 4.0 can refer to solutions such as Digital Work Instruction software, Manufacturing Execution System software, smart sensors, and a variety of other technologies that automate and enable efficient and effective gathering, processing, analyzing, and leveraging of the right data at the right time to create value for businesses.

What impact may implementation of Smart Manufacturing technology have on a manufacturing business?

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased quality
  • Waste reduction
  • Providing process and business insight and creating agility
  • Alleviating skilled and unskilled labour shortages
  • Attracting the new generation of manufacturing workforce
  • Adding value for customers

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Smart manufacturing
is the future.

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