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"A recent labour crunch, desire to attract a new generation of workers, and government programs focused on digital technology adoption and manufacturing innovation is driving demand for Smart Manufacturing solutions." - Peter Krzesinski, Executive Director, Manufacturing & Export Enhancement (MEE) Cluster.

Red Deer, Alberta is centrally located to Western Canada and the Edmonton-Calgary corridor, within a 90 minute drive of a population of 3 million and within a two-hour flight of a population of 12 million (Western Canada).

There are over 6,000 manufacturers located in Western Canada with between 10 and 500 employees, with 99% of manufacturers falling into the small-to-medium sized enterprises (1-500 employees) category.  Currently, there is little adoption of digital manufacturing solutions among small-to-medium sized manufacturers in Western Canada, the show's target audience.

GettyImages-1174211896 (1).jpgAdditionally, various levels of government have recognized that the manufacturing sector's growth and resilience are tied to innovation and adoption of digital solutions. As a result, incentives have been introduced to accelerate the industry’s implementation of digital manufacturing solutions, further driving demand for digital and Smart Manufacturing solutions.  

Manufacturing & Export Enhancement (MEE) Cluster’s Smart Manufacturing Gap Analysis survey conducted in 2022, showed more than half of small-to-medium sized manufacturing businesses see opportunity to start incorporating or further incorporate automation, robotics, and smart sensor technologies, with about a third seeing opportunity to incorporate data analytics and digital threading.  However, the survey also showed that just over half of respondents were also unclear on how Smart Manufacturing tech fits within their operations and lacked information on the solutions.  Showcasing your solution at the SmartMTX is a great opportunity to fill this knowledge gap in Western Canada and conveniently connect with a large number of manufacturers primed for technology adoption.

Exhibiting for Industry Associations, Post-Secondary, Research Institutions, and Government Agencies


Our Collective Mission

The SmartMTX is a platform that supports the development and advancement of the manufacturing sector in Western Canada.  The show aims to promote Smart Manufacturing technology adoption and bring the manufacturing ecosystem together to foster collaboration.

A special section of the exhibition floor has been set aside for industry associations, post-secondary and research institutes, and government programs to provide an opportunity for interested manufacturers to connect with and get informed on available resources and supports in one convenient location at the expo. 

SmartMTX will be an ideal opportunity for your organization to connect with the manufacturing industry and other like-minded organizations, showcase your organization's supports and services, and contribute to the discussion to advance the manufacturing sector in Western Canada!

Don't hesitate to reach out and connect with us for more information.

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