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We connected with Hugues Foltz, Partner - Executive Vice-President at Vooban, and Bronze Sponsors of this years’ SmartMTX. Vooban is recognized for its expertise in artificial intelligence and the development of custom software solutions. Vooban specializes in programming, design, enterprise architecture, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and the cloud. This broad range of expertise enables them to guide clients through nearly every aspect of their digital transformations! It might be their first time in the West, but they are bringing their A-game! Vooban will be hosting both a main stage presentation tilted  Artificial Intelligence, Humanity's Greatest Opportunity, as well as a Tech Talk titled How to Target Your First AI Project.

Hughes Tech Talk on Day 1, is a literal guide on choosing the right investment to begin your digital journey. As Hughes states “A solid innovation strategy needs to be aligned with your business goals and set to address your company’s real problems.” His Day 2, main stage presentation takes an opportunistic look at the 800 million jobs that could be replaced by automation by 2030. In this talk you will learn how to benefit both from AI and qualities that are unique to humans to propel your business growth.

Q: What’s your main reason for exhibiting at SmartMTX?

A: This represents Vooban's first trip to the West. We already have two offices, one in Quebec City and one in Montreal, as well as an employee in Toronto. We are currently looking to expand our services across the country. Since we are already working with some of the biggest Canadian companies, it makes sense to expand our services to the western part of Canada.

Q: Who do you want to connect with at the show and why? 

A: Vooban is interested in all businesses that want to go digital. We would like to connect with all companies who want to automate their processes in order to improve productivity.

Q: What solution(s) are you exhibiting and who are they designed for?

A:  Vooban is transforming companies by using the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, to make them more efficient and, above all, more competitive.

 Here are some examples of our projects:

- Increasing quality control by 25% using AI

- Reducing production planning by 50% using AI

- Predicting sales at 93% accuracy using AI

Q: What customer pain points are you solving and why?

A:  Our solutions allow manufacturing companies to reduce their dependence on labor for certain recurring and redundant tasks while increasing their productivity!

Q: What is the advantage of your solution over the competition?

A:  Our strength lies in the complementarity of our service offer, which extends to programming, design, business architecture, AI, IoT, and Cloud. This broad range of expertise enables us to guide our clients through nearly every aspect of their digital transformation. In addition, Vooban has one of the biggest AI teams in Canada with 25 AI Scientists at the moment, including 15 Ph.D.s.

Q: Can existing systems integrate with your solution? 

A:  Vooban’s solutions integrate with our clients’ hardware and software.

That is, our custom software can connect to your robots, cameras, sensors and even your ERP.

As their first stop in the West, we are humbled as Vooban continues its work in creating a sustainable tomorrow, while inspiring a “smart” future for everyone. To learn more about how Vooban brings innovative solutions to life, visit vooban.com, connect with them on LinkedIn, or contact them directly at hello(at)vooban.com.


Posted: March 13, 2023

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