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Paul Hogendoorn, MEE Cluster

Paul Hogendoorn is a successful serial entrepreneur having built both a manufacturing company and a technology company focused on manufacturers. He brings over 40 years of experience developing and deploying technologies and working with 100’s of manufacturers at shop floor level and the leadership level. He is a regularly contributing columnist for Manufacturing AUTOMATION.

Tech Talk

Title: Getting Your People Excited About Change! Using Technology to Get Everyone on the Same Page


Digital technology is often considered as being useful primarily for management’s purposes or for accounting and administrative purposes. The information digitally collected, although more empirical and perhaps more easily attained, is often used for looking backwards. It’s a measurement of past activity; a trailing KPI that does little to change the current state.

In this Tech Talk, we will share ideas and best practices of how technology can get all your people more engaged and more involved day in and day out; the power of intrinsic motivation and how to make KPIs that change behaviour; how “truth” and “one source of truth” regarding performance and productivity is empowering; how and why making it “their system” is far better than making it “your system”.

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