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Julien Chaussee, Altair Engineering Canada, Ltd.

Julien Chaussée is a Senior Technical Specialist at Altair Canada, where he helps clients better leverage numerical simulation and technologies to enhance their product designs, integration, and manufacturing. A graduate from Cranfield University in the UK, Julien has spent over 13 years in the aerospace industry as a research engineer and structural analyst. During this time, working at Airbus UK and then Bombardier (Montreal), he has developed a range of expertise in the development, deployment, and integration of new technologies, including additive manufacturing and composites structures.

Tech Talk Title: From Simulation Driven Design to Data Driven Engineering and Beyond

Simulation Driven Design (SDD) was born from a need to design better products, faster and more consistently. Because it was built on the foundations of technologies such as topology optimisation, its most visible trait is of often the organic shapes resulting from the process. But in practice, SDD goes far deeper! It is both a process and a philosophy centered around a better integration of design features, performance targets and manufacturing / assembly constraints, bringing product knowledge early in the cycle and enabling better decision making. Bolstered by modern data science and AI SDD is fast evolving towards Data Driven Engineering and is also expanding its reach beyond the design office.

With the advent of new manufacturing technologies like AM and the recent pressures on resources, there is no better time to re-learn and enhance the way we bring products to market. Simulation and Data Driven Engineering offers a competitive edge that can no longer be ignored.

This presentation will showcase how modern numerical methods and design practices embodied by SDD and Data Driven Engineering can support your development process and provide examples of its successes in design and beyond.

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