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Hugues Foltz, Vooban

Hugues Foltz has been supporting companies in the development and execution of their digital transformation for more than 20 years. In 2018, he became co-owner and executive vice-president of Vooban, a firm recognized for its expertise in artificial intelligence and the development of custom software solutions.

Main Stage Presentation

Topic: Artificial Intelligence, Humanity's Greatest Opportunity


800 million jobs could be replaced by automation by 2030. At a time when we always question the future of businesses because of new technologies, artificial intelligence and robotization, should we not see an unprecedented opportunity instead? Discover how you can benefit both from AI and qualities that are unique to humans to propel your business growth.

Tech Talk

Title: How to Target Your First AI Project


A digital transformation is far from simple. Which technologies should you choose? How do you know if you are investing in the right place? Are robots and automation real assets? Learn how to make sense of it.

In this Tech Talk, you'll learn which processes should be targeted with an AI project? What are the costs? Do I really need it? What are the steps to follow and the pitfalls to avoid in order to succeed?

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