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Ed Goffin, Pleora Technologies

Ed Goffin is Senior Marketing Manager with Pleora Technologies, a leading supplier of AI solutions and video connectivity products for quality inspection and factory automation applications. Over his 25-year career, he has been widely published and is a featured speaker on topics ranging from packet switching and network timing to real-time video solutions for situational awareness in medical, factory automation, and security applications.

Tech Talk

Title: Vodka, Electronics, and Toilet Repair – Make Human Decisions Consistent with AI


Human inspection is still an important part of manufacturing, especially for companies specializing in short-run, customized, and regional products. However, when we get tired, bored, or distracted we tend to make mistakes that translate into downtime, rework, waste, and customer returns that eat into profitability and damage brand reputation.

This presentation will discuss how AI is bringing automated decision-support to manual visual inspection. It will discuss how the distillery uses AI tools for digital learning for new employees and in-process operator assistance during manual labeling and is now adapting the technology to help provide a final quality control check. In the example of the electronics manufacturer, the session will highlight how the company uses AI decision-support alongside more traditional machine vision inspection and why collecting data from manual processes is important for their business.

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