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Dr. Ananth Seshan, 5G Energy Ltd.

Dr. Ananth Seshan is the CEO of 5G Energy Ltd. and owner of the BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Platform. For the last three decades, he has been a consultant to several large manufacturing organizations and utilities worldwide in robotics, automation, and digital manufacturing. An invited speaker at many international forums on manufacturing automation, he has won several awards for innovation and entrepreneurship. He is presently Vice-Chair and member of the Board of Directors of MESA International, Chairman of its Asset Performance Management Working Group, and Senior Member of the International Society of Automation. Ananth has more than 30 publications in journals and international conference proceedings, and owns 2 patents.

Tech Talk

Tech Talk Title: Using Signature Analysis to help Small-Medium Manufacturers Transform their Legacy Machines into Smart Assets


A major hindrance for Small-Medium Manufacturers (SMMs) in making the shift to Smart Manufacturing is the prevalence of old (legacy) machines without any automation (e.g. controllers, sensors) from which data extraction is cumbersome and expensive.

Our talk aims to show, via an actual use case, that disparate legacy machines at SMMs are capable of being digitalized at an affordable cost by analyzing high-frequency signatures of the operational electric current drawn with an AI-based pattern recognition algorithm.

Combining this capability with a) low-cost sensors, b) simple hardware, c) basic wireless infrastructure, and d) an easy-to-use web dashboard, an SMM of hydraulic cylinders was able to now digitally:

  • Understand machine states: on/off, idle time, downtime, in-production, etc.
  • Monitor equipment energy use.
  • Proactively respond to breakdowns.

This capability is applicable to an SMM in any vertical!

5G Energy Ltd. is a digital automation company based in Ottawa, specializing in Smart Manufacturing solutions for small, medium and large manufacturers. It is part of the 5G Group of Companies (with offices in India, Mexico and the U.S.) which has 20+ years of experience across 16 countries.

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